In the light box

It has been a long time that I wanted to build myself a light box. Today I finally made it ! It didn’t require that much effort and I didn’t need to by anything yet.

Basically my light box is an old carton where I cut of the top and one side. On the side I left a border of 3 cm for stability. On the sides I have cut out two windows, again with a border of about 3 cm. The rear wall and the base I covered with the back side of an old poster. The color should be white though. Then I covered the side windows with white backing paper for light diffusion.
Basically you should turn of the room light and install two equal light sources at both of the side windows. Take the picture with a tripod, no flash and a long exposure time. The exposure time in my case was about half a second. I used a remote control to avoid shaking the camera but you can also use the timer function. I didn’t have two equal light sources available this is why the picture is too dark on the right. I have to improve the light but for now I am satisfied.