In the light box 2

It has been quite a while since I wrote about how I created a simple light box (Old article). I have recently been using it again and tried to improve the sharpness of the pictures. This was mainly triggered through my all new Canon EOS 60D that I wanted to explore.



This is what I did:

I used the same light box as before without modification. I do not have professional light equipment. I used the ceiling lamp, a stand lamp and a desk lamp. As you can see in the second picture „The little drummer boy.“ the desk lamp created to hard light. I therefore used some plastic for diffusion. I shot the pictures in raw mode. Because of the difficult light setup, I had to adjust the white balance by hand. I used aperture value 11 and a zoom lens to gain a nice depth of field. I aligned the camera vertically for a nice navel perspective. To improve the sharpness of the image I used a tripod,  mirror lock-up and a remote trigger. I have been using the tripod and the remote before but I think using the mirror lock-up is what made the picture tack sharp. Even though my old EOS 400D also had this function, the EOS 60D makes it a lot easier to apply. One just has to turn on the live view. I normally don’t use the live view because it drains to much battery, though.


 In short:

  • Try to create soft light with diffusion and reflected light.
  • Aperture 11 (for good dept of field)
  • Use raw mode, especially when working with different light types
  • Use a zoom lens with the maximum zoom
  • Align the camera in the navel perspective
  • Use a tripod (for sharpness)
  • Use mirror lock-up (for sharpness)
  • Use a remote trigger (for sharpness)