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Dealing with Ubuntu Unity freezes

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Ubuntu is not my preferred Linux distribution but somehow this is what we currently use at work. For some reason the Unity GUI keeps on freezing several times a day. The Linux base system seems not to be affected by this because I can log into the Ctrl-Alt-1 console to restart the X server. I have no 3rd party graphic drivers installed which I could blame for this.

The hangup seems to be related to the OpenGL-Composition and Windowmanagement system (compiz) upon which Unity is based. If I kill compiz from the command line the hangup is resolved but I experienced crashes of programs like gedit. This is very bad especially if this happens during coding.Depending on the Ubuntu version you might be able to resolve the freeze with either „unity –reset“ or „dconf reset -f /org/compiz/

However for work I do not need a fancy 3d desktop and I noticed that you can use the Unity 2d desktop without compiz. Therefore from the log in screen click on the Ubuntu icon next to your name and select Ubuntu 2d.

This might prevent your system from hanging.

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