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Create your own secure and easy to remember password now !

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Create your own secure and easy to remember password now. Well, I though that’s obvious and everyone knows this information already, but it seems it isn’t. What is a good password anyway ? A good password is a word that is easy to remember for humans but difficult to guess for computers.

Computers can guess passwords in different ways, one very common way is to use dictionary words as passwords. This words are often modified with common number combinations. For example a computer program would try the word „emperor“ from a dictionary but it might try as well „emperor1″, „emperor123″ or other combinations. Thuy, using words from dictionaries is a bad idea. Also number combinations, like „43256465“ which are hard to memorize for human beings can be guessed by a computer within a very short period of time by simply trying all number and letter combinations in a brute force manner.

It seems people tend to use passwords in a way that they feel its cryptic. But what seems cryptic to humans is not cryptic to computers. It is exactly the other way around.

So let us assume we are looking for a new password for a website with the Title. „Outer space box – connect now with all your outer space friends.“. Our own user name to this site is Megan.

The first thing to create our new password now is we think of a sentence that is easy to remember. The tite or the topic of the web site can be used as a hint to this sentence.

First comes to my mind:
I need a powerful password for Megan in Outer space which is easy to remember.

This is obviously to long for a password but I think it is easy to remember. The next step is to think of a mechanism to extract the password from the sentence. E.g. by using every second character of each word. Or, like I do now by using every first character of every word.

That gives me:

A good password does not only contain letters but it mixes lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and if possible special characters.

So in the third step we mix in some characters that might look similar to the ones we replace.


That gives me:

This is what I call a strong password and all you have to remember is the sentence „I need a powerful password for Megan in Outer space which is easy to remember.“

P.S. never ever use passwords that have been posted as an example on any website :-)


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